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We can provide many options and alternatives for you to workout with your staff in a friendly environment. The seminars are planned to optimise your managment skills and build more efficient teamwork.


Using combat sports or a hard-core physical workout to deal with both of these issues will point out some strength you probably never thought you had within your team.

Your staff members will have to work through their physical and mental limits to reach a new level.

In doing so, they will be able to maximise their own potential. These new tools will be a positive point in their everyday activities, especially in the workplace.

Making the right decision at the right moment; using a strategy in keeping with the environment and the situation to be dealt with; changing ones attitude and strategy in keeping with the environment; self-evaluation; self stimulation; dealing with stress: These are just a few of the values that will improve.

The activities work on the individual, but students working in a team will find within their group a dynamic that enable them to perform at their best level.

Individual performance is based on collective cohesion.

Risk Taking

After working on the basic combat sport techniques that teach attacking and defensive strategies, students will have learnt how to choose the right tools in order to perform best in a situation whereby one is both partner and opponent at the same time: A point that is earned by one is lost by the other.


Depending on the chosen criterias, the techniques used will be more or less difficult. By performing techniques correctly to score points, students will have to use self-evaluation to achieve a good score.

Students will have to work as coaches and team managers in order to help out members of their own team. This teaches the craft of team leadership.

Students can also be introduced to Officials work and stand in as a judge or referee.

In doing so they will be required to give a quick response to a situation according to the rules.

Their actions will have to be fair in relation with skills they’ve learnt, and taken in a stressful situation.

They will have to be able to explain and justify their decisions.

Stressful situation

Dealing with stressful situations will be emphasised by the teaching of various techniques such as breathing techniques, sophrology, etc. All the techniques used by athletes competing at a high level.

All the workouts will have some influence on their everyday lives in addition to the impact they will have during working hours within the company.

The benefits of sports within a business are well established.

A study from the Toronto University (Canada) shows that a business that invests in the leisure of its staff shows an improvement in productivity and less people off work sick.

The benefits are 2 to 4 times the sum invested.

Seminars can be tailored to your own needs, from a half day to a week. They can also be completed by others activities such as rafting, canyoning, speleo, bike or 4 X 4 expeditions, climbing, trekking etc…